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Every parent who has a student at Mountain View is part of our parent volunteer organization. This organization is vital to the success of our school. They organize popcorn days, student picture days, classroom activites, and assemblies to just name a few. They also provide a large fund raiser each year that sponsors our field trips and special programs such as Pacific Science Center visitation. The past several years the PVC have been putting aside monies to help improve our playground. The new playground equipment was purchased with funds raised by our PVC.

Please watch the monthly newsletter for upcoming events.

Opportunities for Parents and Community

Parents are welcomed and encouraged to participate in a variety of ways and activities. We recruit parents to volunteer in classrooms, the library, the office, or to help with special events. Orientations are held to provide training for new volunteers in working with students and school equipment.

Our Parent Volunteer committee organizes popcorn, student picture days, help with field day, and do a large fund raiser which sponsors field trips and special programs for our students.

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